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Dev blog & site update

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Hello there!

Now and then you have a feeling something's changed, but you can't quite put your finger on it... or can you :D?

For starters, suddenly this strange 'dev blog' tab appeared on our site, didn't it? Why don't you click on it? Come on, you know you want you~ It's a blog about the development of our visual novels and books. You can't possibly miss our intriguing behind the scenes secrets! And if that isn't enough to win you over; K-chan will write elaborate posts too! Amazing, I know.

Secondly, the projects page now contains two categories, namely 'Firefly' and 'Books'. Firefly was drowning in all the books we made, so it got its own personal page. Once we create more visual novels, the 'Firefly' banner will change into a 'Visual Novels' banner for more general use.

On the topic of visual novels, our newest one will be featured on the left side of our site. Click on it to go to its project page.

And finally, we moved the Fate/Stay Away game to our 'extra' tab, together with the short story we wrote in winter. If more random freebie stuff will appear in the future, that's where it'll go.

Until next time! /o/