Sempai, stop growing mushrooms in other people's storage rooms!
   —Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club
Animecon Report

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It hasn't been long since we released our Fate/Stay Night fanbook, but it's already sold out. Last weekend we were at the Dutch anime convention Animecon 2011 and we did quite well. Thanks for everyone who dropped by our stand last weekend. It was a lot of fun talking to y'all! *tips cowboy hat*

Sadly no new book was released, but we did produce some nice bookmarks... which also happened to sell out. Though do not fear, our reprints are here! They'll be available at the anime convention Abunai 2011 in August, along with some new ones~

On the topic of Abunai 2011, our new book will be available there as well! More details will follow later, but for now we'll tell you the book will be an original fantasy story (with angels :D). We'll do our best, please look forward to it!