Android VNDS Interpreter v1.5

I haven’t really posted about this since the first release. It’s interesting to see how much has changed in just over a year (several new Android OS releases, for one). Very little code is Android-specific, so dealing with new OS releases is usally not a problem. That is, until suddenly the pysical menu button disappears and is replaced by an icon in the (hidden) title bar and there’s no way to access the menu…

Anyway, about the 1.5 update. The most noticeable change is the new text fade-in. Enabling it required a bit of optimization in the text rendering, and a whole bunch of rewriting of the text display code (probably the most complex part of the app). The tricky bit is doing the text layout only once (for the full text), then rendering only the first N characters (or making all characters after N invisible, ha).

I you encounter a bug, the fastest way to get it fixed is by contacting me via email.

– Implemented text fade-in, see “Text Speed” preference.
– Added an on-screen indication of when superskip is on.
– Sped up font rendering by using the built-in shadow style instead of rendering
the shadow manually (by drawing the same layout twice with a different
– Decreased memory allocations for smoother animations
– Action Bar on Android 3.0+ devices can take up too much vertical space. On
small-screen devices it now auto hides (see “On-Screen Menu” preference).
– Decreased save file size (ImageTexture accidentally serialized its pixels)
– If a VNDS format global.sav exists, its contents are used as defaults. Some
VNs use gloval.sav to pre-unlock routes.

– Skipmode didn’t skip animations fully when effect speed < 1
– Wait for any animations to finish before showing a choice popup.
– When in a VN, volume keys change music volume even when no music is playing
– Music unpaused on the lock screen, not only after dismissing it.
– Clock didn’t try to move out of the way of the textbox.

To download, scan the above QR code with a barcode scanner or search for “VNDS Interpreter” in the Android market.

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