Android VNDS Interpreter v1.0

My phone was dying of old age, so I got myself a shiny new Android phone to replace it. After playing around with the API’s for a few days I couldn’t resist making a simplistic visual novel engine. But what use is an engine without games? Well, bolting a VNDS compatibility layer on top was pretty easy.

The only major bug that I’m aware of is that some sound effects don’t work due to unsupported codecs. For ADPCM compressed sounds the codec is simple to implement in software, just a lot of work. Aside from ADPCM, a few AAC files simply refuse to play and at this time I don’t know why.

I you encounter a bug, the fastest way to get it fixed is by contacting me via email.

To download, scan the above QR code with a barcode scanner or search for “VNDS Interpreter” in the Android market.

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